How to do the warm-up

Head tilts.

Place your feet shoulder width apart, breathe deeply and naturally. Gently lift your hands in front of you up to shoulder height, palms facing you, bend your elbows and pull your chin in, stretching the back of your neck. Then turn your hands palms apart, straighten and lower them, tilting your head at the same time. Repeat the movement three times.

Head turns

Raise your arms again, with the left arm bent and palm facing you, and the right arm down and palm facing the floor. Then move your left hand to the left and turn your head with it, continuing to look at the palm. Return to a straight position, switch hands and make a turn to the right side. Do three movements to each side.

Shoulder warm-up

Do three shoulder rotations forward and three backward. Inhale and bring your hands in front of you to shoulder height, then exhale and place your hands palms down, knees slightly bent. Repeat the movement three times.

Back stretch

Raise your hands in front of you as if you were holding a big beach ball. Place the left hand on top, just below the collarbone level, and turn it palm down. Hold the right hand at the level of the stomach, palm up. From this position, move the right hand upward, turning it palm up toward the ceiling, and the left hand down, pointing the palm toward the floor.

Then again assume the position as if you were holding a ball, only now the right palm is on top and the left palm is underneath. Repeat the movement: raise your left hand, palm up toward the ceiling, and lower your right hand, as if you were pushing the floor.

Repeat the bunch of movements two more times to each side. When you return your arms to the “ball-holding” position, bend your knees slightly, and when you spread your arms up and down, straighten your knees and stretch your back.

Body Turns.

Leave your arms in a ball-holding position with your left hand on top. Gently bend your knees and turn your body to the left. Swap hands in a circular motion and rotate body to the right side. Continue changing hands and rotating your body left and right. Repeat three times to each side.

Hip Stretch.

Slowly raise hands to shoulder level with palms down, then bend knees and lower arms. Bring your left leg forward and place it on your heel. Bring your arms back for balance. Then move your hip back and place your foot on your toe while raising your hands in front of you. Alternate between bringing your foot forward and pulling it back. Repeat this exercise three times with each leg.

Side Stretch

Transfer body weight to right foot and gently bend knee. Raise right arm to shoulder level and turn it away from you. Imagine resting your forearm and palm on the wall. Keep your left hand under your right elbow.

Extend your left leg out to the side and place it on your toe. Then put your left foot on all of your feet, transfer your body weight to it and move your hands to your left side and put your right foot on your toe – now you’re leaning on the wall to your left. Repeat three times to each side.

Warm up your knees.

Clench your fists and keep them at hip level. Transfer your body weight to your right leg, bend your knee slightly, bring your left knee forward and straighten your leg. At the same time as you bring your leg out, lift your right arm and make a smooth kick. Bring your hand back to your hip and your foot to the floor and repeat in the other direction. Do this three times each way.

Step forward.

Place your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees, and step forward with your left foot. Straighten your left knee, put your foot on the floor, and keep your body weight on your right foot.

Then bend your left leg and shift your body weight to it while kicking your right hand forward. Swing backward, putting your body weight back on the leg behind you, lower your arm and return your feet to a shoulder-width apart position. Repeat the same on the other side. Do this three times to each side.

Ankle warm-up.

Place your hands on your hips, bend your knees and transfer your body weight to your right leg. Straighten the left leg forward and slightly to the side. Keeping your body weight on the leg behind you, touch the floor with your heel and toe in turn. Do this three times on each foot. Then do the same movement, but in turn touch the floor with the outside and inside of the foot.

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