Personalized nutrition here, low-carb diet there, clean eating, intermittent fasting, detox shakes, keto diet to lose weight, superfoods … and an endless number of concepts, strategies, fashions, contradictory messages and more sensational news . Apparently, the more extreme and basic the information is, the more it sells.

We live intoxicated with misinformation, and nutrition does not escape. In this post we do not intend to solve all your doubts, but we do get to the reality of the matter. Or at least to our reality.

Your nutritional planning can change as much as your context changes . For this reason, we put our focus, enthusiasm and attention on integrating the diet within the reality of an athlete.

Practicality, objectivity and adaptation are 3 concepts that we have burned, and throughout this post you will understand why .

With these videos of the event Glamor Sport Summit we want to share with you our vision on nutrition sports and customization, in addition to solving a lot of doubts that haunt your thoughts. Let’s go in parts!


What are not accounts are stories

The more data, the more customization. This is so. Well, to be a bit more exact, it would look like this:

The more technology and time, the more data. The more data, the better decisions, and the more customization. The more customization, the more adherence and efficiency of planning. And the more adherence and effectiveness to planning, the more health and performance. But of course, the processes do not sell. What sells is communicating the result

There are many factors to take into account to plan your diet and maximize your performance, but how can we assess and decide the best for each athlete based on their profile? What will mark adherence? What is nutritional architecture? And the hydration dynamics? You will find the answers below .

Nutrition is part of a system

It is impossible to solve a Rubik’s cube thinking of completing one face and then another. It does not work like that. To fully solve the cube, it is vital to understand the internal algorithms and the role of each small square in the cube. The movements will only be correct if we think of the cube as a complex system in which everything is connected . It does not go for faces.

Well, with personalized nutrition exactly the same thing happens. Do you want to know why? Click on the video and you will understand much better why you are a Rubik’s cube.


Difference between food and nutrition

This is the key not to swallow many of the myths that you read or hear out there. The deceptions of the food industry and of any food-related interest are possible, in part, because the vast majority of people do not understand this differentiation.

Already in the post Nutrition vs Alimentació n , we talked about this matter, but in this video we go a little further. We ask ourselves questions such as What does the effect of a food on my performance depend on? What does the job of a sports nutritionist consist of ? How does cooking affect food?

5 Nutritional Recommendations You Didn’t Expect

Are genetic tests good to know what to eat? Should we reduce fat? If I eat a lot of protein, will I gain muscle? In the video you will find the answer to this and other questions.

In the youtube channel we will talk about nutrition applied to athletes , in addition to sharing different recipes depending on the goals we set ourselves or teaching us how we work at the center. S You just need to go in and take a look. We are looking forward to finding your feedback in the comments of the videos.

Now that you know better our vision about personalized nutrition , if you think it is time for your diet, your workouts, your context and your goals to be synchronized, come by our service nutrition personalized with online nutritionist e .

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