Omelettes never fail as a quick, last-minute resource. They can be suuuuper simple to make, but be careful! Let’s not underestimate them. There are more tortillable foods than you might think. We just have to open our minds and allow ourselves the freedom to experiment with new combinations.

Specifically, the French omelette proposals that we bring in this post include easy, original ingredients that will also not be expensive at all.

As the basis of each one will be the egg, a food with proteins of excellent biological value, high in natural antioxidants and that, if you have read our post Eggs: myth solved , surely you will already know very well 🙂

In short, if when you think of an omelette, only a French omelette with tuna or the typical spanish comes to mind Spanish omelette, this post will come in handy for you.

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Egg white omelette with spread cheese and walnuts


  • Egg white – 150g (10 whites)
  • Table salt – 1g (pinch)
  • Cheese spread – 20g (2 tablespoons)
  • Walnuts – 10g (half a handful).
  • Olive oil – 5g (1 dessert spoon)


  • Beat the egg whites until they foam and add salt
  • Heat a frying pan with a little olive oil
  • Spread the beaten egg whites well in the pan. Then, when it sets, turn it over and cook it for 1 minute
  • Fold the tortilla in half and add the spread cheese and walnuts

Kcal : 243kcal (with these amounts)
Proteins: 25% of kcal
Hydrates: 5% of kcal
Fats: 702% of kcal

In this recipe instead of including the fat from the yolk, we use whites and other sources with fat content, such as walnuts. It is a good idea to make this exchange in French omelets, since walnuts are an excellent source of omega 3, an essential fatty acid with an anti-inflammatory effect.


Sweet potato and spinach omelettes


  • Onion – 100 g (small unit)
  • Table salt – 1 g (pinch)
  • Olive oil – 5 g (1 dessert spoon)
  • Raw egg – 120 g (2 large units)
  • Red sweet potato – 150 g (medium)
  • Spinach – 50 g (small bunch)
  • Black pepper – 1g (pinch)


  • Peel and cut the sweet potato into slices. Then cook in the oven for 10-12 min at 180ºC until tender
  • Meanwhile, sauté the onion and spinach in a frying pan with a little oil
  • In a bowl, beat the eggs. Also add the salt, pepper, sliced ​​sweet potato, spinach and onion to the bowl.
  • Put a frying pan to heat with a tablespoon of oil. When it is hot add the mixture with the eggs
  • Let it set at the bottom over low heat and when it is well done, turn it over without making it brown
  • Emplata and Bon Appetit! ; D

Kcal : 429kcal (with these amounts)
Proteins: 19% of kcal
Hydrates: 46% of kcal
Fats: 36% of kcal

The boniato gives it a sweet touch and allows us to enjoy the omelette with a source of carbohydrates other than the very typical potato. Ah! and note: this recipe could be a good postentreno.

Nutricion-deportiva-recetas-5-tortillas-francesas-originales-IND-Tortilla-francesa-de berenjena-cebolla-morada-y-tomate

French omelette with aubergines, red onions and cherrys tomatoes.


  • Red onion – 40 g
  • Eggplant – 60 g (half a small unit)
  • Cherry tomatoes – 50 g (4 units)
  • Olive oil – 7 g (¾ tablespoon)
  • White pepper – 2 g (pinch)
  • Table salt – 2 g (pinch)
  • Coriander – 1 g (pinch)
  • Raw egg – 60 g (1 unit)
  • Egg white – 30 g (2 whites)


  • Preheat the oven to 220ºC and bake the aubergine cut into wedges with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper for about 10 minutes
  • In a frying pan with a drizzle of oil, brown the onion cut into a feather
  • When the onion is starting to brown, add the cherry tomatoes to the pan and sauté with the onion
  • Take out the eggplant and. when done, add to skillet. Then sauté another 5 minutes
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl.
  • Añ add a little more oil if necessary in the pan and add the beaten eggs
  • Lower the heat of the pan and cover for 2-3 minutes
  • Check that the omelette is cooked
  • When it’s done, take it out, decorate with the coriander (or the spice you like best) and serve

Kcal : 210Kcal (with these amounts)
Proteins: 23% of kcal
Hydrates: 17% of kcal
Fats: 70% of kcal

Depending on the objective we have, more or less protein should be ingested. In this sense, the use of egg whites is interesting, since we can make the French omelettes more or less protein depending on the amount of egg whites we add.


French omelettes with zucchini, mushrooms and feta cheese


  • Raw egg – 60 g (1 unit)
  • Mushroom – 70 g (7-8 units)
  • Zucchini – 70 g (⅓ unit)
  • Feta Cheese – 30 g (⅓ cup)
  • Olive oil – 5 g (1 dessert spoon)
  • Table salt – 2 g (pinch)
  • Parsley – 2 g (pinch)
  • Egg white – 30 g (2 whites)


  • Heat a frying pan and sauté in it with a drizzle of olive oil the sliced ​​clean mushrooms and sliced ​​zucchini
  • Beat the egg and the white with a fork in a bowl. Also a little chopped parsley and a pinch of salt
  • When the vegetables in the pan are done, add the beaten egg and allow to set. Cover if necessary
  • Flip it over without breaking. If you want, you can help yourself with a plate to turn it
  • Then, when it’s almost done, add the broken feta cheese with your hands and cook for a few more seconds
  • Remove from heat and, let’s eat!

Kcal : 254kcal (with these amounts)
Proteins: 27% of kcal
Hydrates: 9% of kcal
Fats: 64% of kcal

Not only is feta cheese, typical of Greece, incredibly good, but it has fewer calories than other common cheeses such as semi-cured, Parmesan, brie or goat.


Sweet omelette with strawberries and grated coconut


  • Egg white – 150 g (5 whites)
  • Liquid sweetener – 5 g ( 1 c dessert uchara)
  • Strawberry – 40 g (2 large units)
  • Grated coconut – 10 g (1 tablespoon)


  • Beat the whites as to froth them a little
  • Add liquid sweetener and beat again
  • Pour the whites into a non-stick pan and wait for them to set
  • Flip it over and when it’s done, take the tortilla out of the pan
  • Clean and chop some strawberries to put on top
  • Finish by sprinkling the grated coconut on top and enjoy!

Kcal : 254kcal (with these amounts)
Proteins: 40% of kcal
Hydrates: 25% of kcal
Fats: 35% of kcal

Sweet French omelets are not bad at all, as they are high in protein and pair very well with fruits. Specifically, strawberry stands out for its vitamin C content and has compounds, such as salicylic acid, with anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant action.

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